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2.0Why Royal LePage?

Get the the most comprehensive technology platform available to support you through every step of your career.

We are resourceful! Feed your day-to-day tasks with up-to-date knowledge on a single, centralized resource for all your real estate needs.

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Optimize your listings and leads with Our site is equipped with the most up-to-date data about neighbourhoods and lifestyles, and continuous enhancements are always underway.

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Benefit from an online leads manager to maximize your conversion rate.

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Promote yourself and your listings from start to finish with a single, integrated platform. Save time and costs!

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Don't lose your time or documents, thanks to Royal LePage's partnership with Google, which provides you with a wide range of high-performance products.

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All the benefits of a big brand - without the restrictions.

Need more freedom when it comes to your branding? You'll have lots of flexibility to customize your image, from your signs to your website.

Take advantage of a large selection of marketing templates to build and showcase your own brand, supported by our strong reputation.

Working solo, with a partner, or as a team? All scenarios work equally well! We have the expertise and openness that you need to ensure you keep moving forward, whatever your goal, wherever you're headed.

Plus we offer competitive commission rates adjusted to your reality so you maximize outcomes.

Join a respected brand that consumers trust!

Over 100 years of leadership and innovation - defending the industry's interests and serving our clients.

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No other real estate brand is as credible as Royal LePage across all market segments - residential, commercial, and luxury. Aim high!

The best advertising is earned! Our PR program gives our brokers a voice—which makes us the most quoted real estate brand in the media and provides credibility for our brand, and yours.

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We put ourselves in your shoes - and your clients'. That's why we created Protection Royale, the only insurance program free of charge for your clients that covers latent defects repairs as well as special assessments for co-ownerships.

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Continue to learn and grow without compromising your busy schedule thanks to hundreds of webinars and in-person training sessions designed to enhance your skills and boost your credibility.

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The only truly collaborative real estate brand.

Royal LePage brokers are never caught off guard when meeting clients outside their territory. You can use the offices of any Royal LePage agency across Quebec.

We are the only real estate brand to operate our own charitable foundation: the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. You can both give back to your community and build your network.

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Royal LePage has a reputation for hosting the best events in the industry for business development. Just ask a Royal LePage broker!

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Find the answers to your questions and get advice any time thanks to our Customer Care Team.

We're here to stay.

The fastest-growing real estate firm in Quebec and Canada.
A network of over 1,900 brokers in Quebec and more than 18,000 across the country.
No less than 14 offices from the competition have chosen Royal LePage in Quebec over the last two years.
Productivity growth per broker


Sales growth



  • 1Source : Sales volume growth per Royal LePage broker in the first quarter of 2018 compared to the same period in 2014, province of Quebec, Centris.
  • 2Total Royal LePage sales volume in the first quarter of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017, province of Quebec, Centris.

3.0Do the test

What are the most importants things you need to advance your career in real estate?
7 questions to help you make the right decision.


Is it important for me to have the flexibility
to build my own brand and marketing tools?


Do I need turnkey tools to manage my marketing documents, client relationships and leads, as well to as build my own website?


Do I want to work in a collaborative environment
where there’s no competition within my own agency?


Do I want to count on a marketing platform that
allows me to customize my templates and save on costs?


Should the brand I’m associated with provide me
with a full range of online and in-person training so I can
learn at my own pace – no matter where I am in my career?


Does offering my clients an insurance program to protect them against latent defects, delays and withdrawals, and special assessments for co-ownership allow me to provide a higher degree of professionalism?


Is it important to me that the brand I’m associated with
is well recognized in all segments—luxury, commercial, and
residential – in order to provide more room for personal growth?

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The perfect match!

You definitely have ambitious goals and you expect that your firm meets your needs!
Royal LePage can provide all that - and is always on the lookout for dedicated real estate brokers like you.
Want to take the next step?

We certainly have
things in common!

We can answer all your needs, and much more.
We hope this exercise has helped shed some light on what's most important
for your career in real estate whatever stage you are at!
Feel free to ask us any questions that may help you make a decision.

Hmm. You don't expect
a lot from your brand!

No matter your decision, it's always good to question your goals as an entrepreneur now and then.
Come back and take our quiz as many times as you like - and see what we have to offer!

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4.0Follow their lead

These individuals took the leap to Royal LePage
and have never looked back.

Protection Royale - Diana Campbell

David and Maxime Tardif, Royal LePage Altitude, Montreal

Lucienne Lalonde, Royal LePage Privilège, St-Bruno

Diana Campbell, Royal LePage Village, Montreal

Dave Carter, Royal LePage Blanc & Noir, Quebec

Royal LePage Shelter Foundation - Diana Campbell

Martin Panneton,
Royal LePage Privilège

Libby Broady,
Royal LePage Elite, Montréal

Line Beaulieu,
Royal LePage Tendance

Dan Coutu,
Royal LePage Au Sommet

Dina Morsi,
Royal LePage Champlain, Brossard

Martin Panneton,
Royal LePage Privilège

“Real estate was a new career for me and I wanted to be affiliated with a brand that corresponded to my integrity and professionalism standards. The strong reputation of Royal LePage stood out as a pledge of quality and I made the best decision!”

Libby Broady,
Royal LePage Elite, Montréal

“Royal LePage is a real family and you can feel that particularly during our provincial and national events. Each time, you are welcomed with open arms, and leave with new contacts and referrals.”

Line Beaulieu,
Royal LePage Tendance

“Remaining at the top of new technologies and real estate best practices is crucial and Royal LePage makes it available. The training program is constantly renewed, adapted to the fieldwork and offered in a convivial setting.”

Dan Coutu,
Royal LePage Au Sommet

“Royal LePage is a rich platform of innovative tools that allows us to provide quality marketing to our clients. Products are easy to use, displayed in a modern look and provide optimal user experience!”

Dina Morsi,
Royal LePage Champlain, Brossard

“Protection Royale insurance program brings an added-value to our services and a competitive edge over the competition when meeting clients. It’s an excellent tool for prospecting and building customer loyalty.”

Take advantage of the most powerful real
estate platform with Royal LePage now.